How to Apply:


To apply for a quran teaching position, please consider all the following steps:

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Successful candidates will be contacted for an interview

Information received from applicants will be kept in strict confidence and only used for recruitment purpose.

All the communication is using Email only.

Work Hours: 6PM to 8PM (Mondays and Wednesdays)

School Year: September- June

Number of openings: Multiple

Job Description:

The Quran teacher will deliver a Quran Recitation, Tajweed and Memorization curriculum to students from JK to Grade 12. The classes may include children with different level of prior reading ability and different ages.

Job Criteria:

  • Experience in teaching children

  • Enjoys working with children ages 4-14

  • Very knowledgeable in Tajweed and Quran recitation

  • Sound knowledge of Islamic faith and practice

  • Good English communication skills

  • Foster a positive learning environment

  • Good classroom management skills

  • Patient, flexible and creative

  • Encourages personal growth and development

  • Excellent attendance and punctuality

General Job Responsibilities

Teachers’ responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Teach a classroom of students (specific grades will be assigned)

  • Teachers are to supervise their class at all times and are responsible for students’ safety.

  • Use the curriculum developed or selected by the school

  • Teachers shall attend all school meetings and professional development workshops

  • Use teaching methods appropriate for the learners and the subject(s) being taught

  • Teachers shall provide a stimulating, teaching-learning environment within their classroom

  • Teachers shall make use of numerous practical instructional tools and teaching aids

  • Evaluate learners at regular intervals

  • Keep accurate records of learners' attendance and progress

  • If warranted, each teacher has the authority to discipline any student in the school, according to the school disciplinary policy, and is expected to assume this responsibility at all school functions.

  • Teachers may be required to supervise lunch, recess, yard duties, special events, field trips, etc. as assigned by the school administration

  • Report regularly to the school principal\

  • Fulfill other tasks assigned by the school principal

  • Teachers must model professional behavior